Heroes of the Highmarch

Season 1, Session 7 - The Road to the Harrow Hills

Firebloom 22 – Frostleaves 1, 1208 H.R.C.

The party leaves Blane’ Hill behind and starts the long trek to Cairavor. Along the way, they stop at The Blue Keep where they enjoy the hospitality of Lord Tarshen, the military commander of the town’s garrison.

Lord Tarshen is surprised to hear of the intrusion of Shakzari into the Highmarch. He immediately sets his men on alert and sends a patrol to Blane’s Hill. He also sends messengers to Duke Taldus at Redburne. He thanks the party and puts them up at The Bale and Blade for the night.

The next morning, the party journeys south with an escort of Lord Tarshen’s soldiers. They pass through the small village of Harrow and into the hills beyond. That evening, they are ambushed by an orc hunting party which are quickly dispatched. They settle into camp with the wind howling through the rocky hills around them…

Season 1, Session 6 - Dortala's Crypt
Firebloom 21, 1208 H.R.C.

The party adventures in Dortala’s Crypt, facing many dangers and trials. They encounter the ghost of the Lady Dortala who lures them into a trap in a many-columned hall.

In the end, they encounter the ghost, feeding on the woodcutters. Khrall the Anointed has given them to the lady in exchange for her beacon that leads the way to the Library of Dhraz(these are facts unknown to the characters at this time). A battle ensues. Khrall escapes, but the ghost of Lady Dortala is put to her final rest.

The beacon that she possessed was a large gem set in a necklace. Khrall left the necklace behind after prying loose the gem. The inscriptions of the empty necklace are determined to possible hold a clue to why Khrall wanted the gem.

The party decided that the only people capable of deciphering the runes are The Order Argentum at Cairavor

Season 1, Session 5 - Pursuing Khrall the Anointed
Firebloom 21, 1208 H.R.C.

Exiting the Hobgoblin outpost, the party decides that they must follow Khrall and rescue the woodcutters. Before they leave, they dispatch Sszzryr to Hollowrock to carry news of the Shakzari Hobgoblins to Lord Brundor.

As Sszzyr left, the party was joined by Eldrin the Moon Druid, and a former companion, Drago Proudfoot. Eldrin had been tasked with tracking the Hobgoblins by his forest masters. In order to speed the journey, the Druid enlisted the aid of Razortyne, a noble elk who agreed to serve Baldor as a mount.

The trail led the party to across a good portion of the Highmarch, to the small town of Blane’s Hill. Above the town was an old ruin, said to be the ancient home of the Lady Dortala. it is near here that the party discovers that Khrall is not just a Hobgoblin priest, buy a cleric of Nezud, the God of Death. He summoned a bearded devil to block the party from following him to Dortala’s Crypt.

The devil fails, and the party enters the crypt, battling a set of guardian mummies that prove to be quite a challenge…

Season 1, Session 4 - The Hobgoblin Outpost
Firebloom 20, 1208 H.R.C.

in which the heroes venture into the goblin caves to discover that they have actually found the outpost of agents of the Shakzar Empire!

After much exploration and perils, the heroes defeat the Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears arrayed against them. With sword, hammer, and spell, the battle is won!

In the belongings of the commander and his scribe, the discern that the hobgoblins are spying on the Highmarch with the aim of a possible invasion. They also find that the woodcutters have been spirited away and they decide to follow…

Season 1, Session 3 - Some of Our Woodcutters are Missing
Firebloom 20, 1208 H.R.C.

In which the Heroes of the Highmarch find the woodcutters camp in the hills above Tarrigan’s Landing.

Once there, they find that the camp was attacked and the bandits are gone. That night, they are attacked by warg-riding goblins! They are dispatched, and the heroes follow their trail in the morning.

They find the goblin camp and devise a plan to infiltrate it. After dealing with the guards, they enter the cavern complex where the goblins have made their outpost…

Season 1, Session 2 - Attacking the Bandit Camp
Firebloom 18-19, 1208 H.R.C.

In which the Heroes of the Highmarch track down the bandits that caused the mayhem at Harter’s Ford.

With great tactics and magical surprises, the bandits are routed and flee, but one is captured. He reveals that he is part of the Half-Moon gang, in the employ of Zarius the Black of Redburne.

He is taken back to Tarrigan’s Landing to face justice.

Season 1, Session 1 - Trouble at Harter's Ford
Firebloom 18, 1208 H.R.C.

The session began with the heroes on their way from Thistledown to Tarrigan’s Landing. There, they planned to enjoy The Reapers Faire, a harvest celebration held every year in the month of Firebloom.

The road led them to a ferry crossing at a place known as Harter’s Ford. Normally, this would be an uneventful crossing of the Orine River, but this crossing was a bit different. A gang of bandits had captured the ferryman, his family, and his winch-pulling mule. They planned to stop travelers halfway across, demand money, then pull them the rest of the way. It might have been a lucrative plan, but for the fact that they began the endeavor with a party of capable adventurers.

The barge was pulled across the river by a mule, hitched to a winch on the far side. Once at the mid point of the river, the mule was halted, stranding the ferry. The bandit leader threatened to kill the ferryman’s daughter if the travelers did not immediately dump their weapons into the river. Baldor was not at all dissuaded, and began to promptly pull the barge across on his own. The bandit leader had his man Clive, cut the girl’s throat, and the negotiations were at an end.

Frago slipped into the river, while Rheagar distracted their enemies. Sszzyr leapt onto the rope and ran across it to shore, When in range, Rhaegar obscured the bank with a fog, and Aradin bombarded the area with offensive magic. The battle was swift and horribly one-sided. Half of the bandits died, while the other half fled into the nearby woods.

As it turns out, the ferryman’s daughter was only rendered unconscious. He and his family were filled with gratitude and thank the heroes for their intervention. A search of the bandit bodies revealed that each bore a half-moon shaped tattoo on their shoulders.

Being that it was a few hours until dark, the adventurers picked up the trail of the bandits and followed them into the woods…


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