Heroes of the Highmarch

Season 1, Session 7 - The Road to the Harrow Hills

Firebloom 22 – Frostleaves 1, 1208 H.R.C.

The party leaves Blane’ Hill behind and starts the long trek to Cairavor. Along the way, they stop at The Blue Keep where they enjoy the hospitality of Lord Tarshen, the military commander of the town’s garrison.

Lord Tarshen is surprised to hear of the intrusion of Shakzari into the Highmarch. He immediately sets his men on alert and sends a patrol to Blane’s Hill. He also sends messengers to Duke Taldus at Redburne. He thanks the party and puts them up at The Bale and Blade for the night.

The next morning, the party journeys south with an escort of Lord Tarshen’s soldiers. They pass through the small village of Harrow and into the hills beyond. That evening, they are ambushed by an orc hunting party which are quickly dispatched. They settle into camp with the wind howling through the rocky hills around them…



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