Heroes of the Highmarch

Season 1, Session 5 - Pursuing Khrall the Anointed

Firebloom 21, 1208 H.R.C.

Exiting the Hobgoblin outpost, the party decides that they must follow Khrall and rescue the woodcutters. Before they leave, they dispatch Sszzryr to Hollowrock to carry news of the Shakzari Hobgoblins to Lord Brundor.

As Sszzyr left, the party was joined by Eldrin the Moon Druid, and a former companion, Drago Proudfoot. Eldrin had been tasked with tracking the Hobgoblins by his forest masters. In order to speed the journey, the Druid enlisted the aid of Razortyne, a noble elk who agreed to serve Baldor as a mount.

The trail led the party to across a good portion of the Highmarch, to the small town of Blane’s Hill. Above the town was an old ruin, said to be the ancient home of the Lady Dortala. it is near here that the party discovers that Khrall is not just a Hobgoblin priest, buy a cleric of Nezud, the God of Death. He summoned a bearded devil to block the party from following him to Dortala’s Crypt.

The devil fails, and the party enters the crypt, battling a set of guardian mummies that prove to be quite a challenge…



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