Heroes of the Highmarch

Season 1, Session 6 - Dortala's Crypt

Firebloom 21, 1208 H.R.C.

The party adventures in Dortala’s Crypt, facing many dangers and trials. They encounter the ghost of the Lady Dortala who lures them into a trap in a many-columned hall.

In the end, they encounter the ghost, feeding on the woodcutters. Khrall the Anointed has given them to the lady in exchange for her beacon that leads the way to the Library of Dhraz(these are facts unknown to the characters at this time). A battle ensues. Khrall escapes, but the ghost of Lady Dortala is put to her final rest.

The beacon that she possessed was a large gem set in a necklace. Khrall left the necklace behind after prying loose the gem. The inscriptions of the empty necklace are determined to possible hold a clue to why Khrall wanted the gem.

The party decided that the only people capable of deciphering the runes are The Order Argentum at Cairavor



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