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    h3. A World of Aldiar Camapaign h5. North of the Kingdom of Kalan, across the Ironheart Mountains, lies The Highmarch. h5. It has existed as a wild and unspoiled region, until two-hundred years ago it was claimed as a territory by the Kalani …

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    h4. Setting Lore [[Calendar]] [[Gazeteer]] [[History]] [[Language]] [[Magic]] [[People]] [[Religion]]

  • Religion

    Ordru's Children * Arius, the Protector * Edos, the Lightbearer * Maclanna, Daughter of the Waves * Rydan, Son of Thunder * [[Hannada]] The Sky Mother The Spawn of Kresh * [[Nezud]], Lord of Death * [[The Horned One]], Humanoid god of War

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    [[Cities]] [[Continents]] [[Deserts]] [[Forests]] [[Hills]] [[Lakes]] [[Mountains]] [[Rivers]] [[Ruins]] [[Nations]] [[Oceans]] [[Plains]] [[Swamps]] [[Places of Note]]

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    [[The Dawn Theocracy]] [[The Highmarch]] [[The Kingdom of Kalan]] [[The Shakzar Empire]] [[Varhiya]]

  • Cities

    * [[Blane's HIll]] * [[The Blue Keep]] * [[Harrow]] * [[Hollowrock]] * [[Redburne]] * [[Shamar]] * [[Tarrigan's Landing]] * [[Thistledown]]