Calendar and Time-Keeping

In the Highmarch and the larger Kingdom of Kalan, the passing of days is marked with the Hergovian Royal Calendar. It was instituted by King Hergo the Builder during his reign long ago. Years are often referred to as “H.R.C.” when precision is required.

The Hergovian year is measured by the number of days from when the sun rises at its most southerly point to its rising at its most northerly. This span of time is exactly 355 days long. King Hergo built an observatory in the center of Jardenor along with two tall towers that marked the north and south position of the sun’s travel. They still stand there today.

The year is divided into four seasons, and further into twelve, twenty-eight day segments called a Kingspart. Each Kingspart is divided into four seven day segments called a Queenspart. Between each Kingspart is a single day set aside for worship of the gods. It is a day of rest called Respite Day. At the end of the year is a Queesnpart-long celebration called Renewal. After that, the new year starts.

A Hergovian year is illustrated below…



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